Today we are going to tackle the most common mistakes we hear on a daily basis when customers call to book their party staff.
If you decide to go this route, here are a couple of things to think about:
Hiring friends: We have tons of Hospitality and f&b (food and Beverage) friends, and even more friends that could use a little extra cash, especially right around the holidays. Asking someone you know saves the hassle of finding a stranger, and helps out a friend. We know that helping out a friend is always preferred, however here are a few things to remember when bringing your friends in. 1) Make sure your friend is licensed and carries General Liability and Liquor Liability insurance of at least 1 million dollars. Most over look the fact that their friend might not be the most professional person to pour drinks. Bring in a professional, licensed and insured company to come in and service your event is the best way to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Finding party help isn’t as hard to find as some might think, you just need to know what where to look. The internet has made this process really easy with the birth of Yelp, Google reviews, Yahoo reviews, and wedding wire. Bringing in a professional, licensed and insured company can protect you by adding you or your home under their insurance policy which immediately relieves you of your liability, god forbid anything happens after your party. I know most of us would rather hire a professional help, then pay an attorney.
Timing: Ask your professional party staff to arrive at least 1 hour early so you can show them where everything is, and talk about what you would like them to do that evening. Don’t have them come too early, however; to get the most for your money, you want most of their paid time to occur during the actual party. It’s better to have them there early rather than showing up with your guests.
Tipping: When hiring professional party staff, the subject of whether to tip them directly or having a tip jar out is an easy issue to solve. is NOT a The general rule for tipping is 4-5 hours $75, 50-75 guest $75. It depends on the type of event, how many guest attending, and what staff duties will be that evening. You can always tip your staff extra if they rock your event and you are really pleased with their level of service. I’m sure they will appreciate it and be happy to come back and rock another party for you. Remember you have the last say so, make your decision and enjoy the evening.

Have you ever hired someone to help you for an event? If so, were you happy were you with their service?


– Kevin’s bartending company from Los Angeles