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Meet the DJ



  • DJ & MC service throughout the event
  • A professional sound system for wedding ceremony
  • Wireless label microphone for officiant
  • A seperate professional sound system for cocktail hour AND reception
  • Wireless microphone for announcements and toasts during reception
  • Club Stye DJ mixing performance
  • Dance lighting to create mood and energy


$400- 500/ Flat Rate
  • Photobooth attendent
  • Souvenir Scrapbook for guest to sign
  • Recieve GIF photo via SMS
  • Fun Props and items for photos
  • Customized backdrop & message on printed photos

Video Projector

$200/ flat rate
  • project your home movie or customized video on 100 inch screen
  • *price does not include video production

Battery Powered LED Package

$300/ flat rate
  • 12 unit cordless battery powered uplights
  • For ballrooms, halls, etc

Fun facts

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