✔ 3 hours of bartending (minimum)
✔ Shopping List + guidance
✔ Customize Drink Menu
    hand crafted cocktail
✔ Home made mixers
✔ 1 hour setup FREE
✔ ½ hour Breakdown FREE
✔ Portable Bar FREE
✔ Basic Garnishes (lime, lemon,, cherry, olives)
✔ Premium Garnishes (mint, pineapple, cucumbers, etc)
✔ Bar Accessories (straws, napkins, tubs)
✔ Mixers / Juices (cranberry, oj, lime & lemon juice)
✔ Soft Drinks (coke, diet coke, 7up, gingerale, club soda, tonic water)
✔ Glassware (martini, wine, champagne, highball)
✔ Ice


x Alcohol

*Our mixology classes are designed for all levels of those that want to learn more about spirits, how they mix with each other and other ingredients, and how great they taste when combined the way they were meant to be. We are also more than willing to create a custom class for you based on the types of drinks you’d like to focus on, and the level of instruction you and your group require. Some people want to learn it all and impress their friends,a nd some just want to sit back and taste some great drink. We can relate to both sides.

  • Bourbon Sage
  • Mint Bartending - popsicle drink