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Don’t worry about your party! just hire a professional BARTENDER

Hire a Professional Bartender  The human society and community are success and achievements oriented and celebrations mark this; it symbolizes transition from one stage to another. The fun of most festival mostly relays on alcoholic beverages, when hosting a party of any kind or planning for an event it is important to consider hiring a [...]

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Top Reason Why you need to hire the service of a bartender!

Top Reason Why you need to hire the services of a Bartender Is your birthday, wedding or a family re union coming soon? Are you with plans to hire a bartender to help facilitate the service at the event? Certainly, you have to be precise on your requirement to be able to acquire the best [...]

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Hire a Bartender to Prepare Hand Crafted Cocktails for You   Cheers to the goodness of life…to the joyful reasons to celebrate a special day…and for whatever simple thing to be happy of. Enjoy what a party has to bring and hire bartender for weddings, special occasions, birthdays and many others. Of course, in every [...]

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Hire a bartender and throw a cocktail party

Hire a Bartender and Throw a Cocktail Party  Having a great accomplishment or just getting yourself a simple reason to celebrate, it’s time for you to hire a bartender and throw a cocktail party. To help you set that very special party for your friends, here are some of the things that you have to [...]

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Why you should hire professional bartender for your events (weddings, birthdays, Corporate events)

Why You Should Hire Bartender for special occasion Do you have an upcoming event? Do you plan to hire a bartender to help you with drinks? If not, you may want to reorganize your priorities. For one, failure to use the help of experienced restaurant personnel comes with high losses which apart from spoiling your [...]

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Bachelorette Parties In Palm Springs

  Palm Springs has become a huge attraction for bachelorette parties. If you go out on a regular weekend, you will see girls in groups where 'the bride to be' is wearing a tiara and other flashy clothing. Many Bachelorette parties have contacted us this year for private parties, and this summer alone we have [...]

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Save your Name, Keep your Fame!

  Save your Name, Keep your Fame Let us just face it; after a massive spending on other aspects of the event, you may decide to perform such tasks as serving guests on your own- or using the help of your friends. Believe it or not, such kind of reasoning will pluck your name off [...]

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Coachella Weekend 1

We had one of our biggest date of the year during the coachella weekend. We Served a very exclusive party in Rancho Mirage, CA. The party started from 12AM-7AM. We catered to celebrities like Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Rihana. Me and Bryan were one of the 4 bartenders that were hired. We had an [...]

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