Hire a Bartender and Throw a Cocktail Party
 Having a great accomplishment or just getting yourself a simple reason to celebrate, it’s time for you to hire a bartender and throw a cocktail party.
To help you set that very special party for your friends, here are some of the things that you have to consider when planning

1. Cocktail Party on the right time.

As they say, the best thing happens at the right time. Same thing goes with your cocktail party. When you plan to throw one, be sure to have it on the traditional time frame of 6PM or 10PM TST. Too, see to it that it would only last for about two to three hours, usual length of party time.

2. Enough ice to keep the party alive.
No matter how much drinks you have, when it’s not cold enough, it means nothing to your guest. So, have enough ice stored. Remember that it could also be used when chilling bottles and cans. Ideally, you have to allot about 1 lb. of ice per guest.

3. More glasses to offer.

As your bartender from your hired bartending company may prepare different types of cocktails suitable for different types of glass, you must have your glass for wine, for juice or water, tumblers for spirits and juices, straight-sided highballs for tall drinks; and martini glasses prepared. Also, make sure that your glass count is at least twice the number of your guest so you don’t have to worry about having shortage on glass.

4. Bar stock on ready.

Each type of drinks like wine, beer, and cocktail are served on different amount. This is the reason why you should be aware how much of each of them must be ready for your party. For example, a bottle of wine could be good for two guests in approximately 5 servings per bottle. A one six-pack beer could be best for two people in 12 oz. per serving.
Further, you have to prepare mixers and garnishes like orange, soda, juice, ginger ale, tomato juice, lemons, and limes.

5. Menu and coffee prepared.

Your party could be much enjoyable when there is additional menu to offer to your guest. You can include meat and veggies on your food selection that comes in sweet, cold, or spicy. Just like how you prepare your drinks, you must have enough stock of food.
At the end of the party time, you can also offer coffee to your guests to help them get clear-headedness after having themselves indulged on wines and other drinks.

Imagine how enjoyable your cocktail party is when everything in need is in place. If you’ve got little time but want to celebrate something, then just hire a bartender for weddings, special occasions, birthdays or other occasions that you have. Mint Bartending could help you on this. Visit them at http://www.mintbartending.com/.