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Save your Name, Keep your Fame

Let us just face it; after a massive spending on other aspects of the event, you may decide to perform such tasks as serving guests on your own- or using the help of your friends. Believe it or not, such kind of reasoning will pluck your name off the list of fame and plunge it right into that of shame. Rare but horrendous, the event organization world has had its fair share of terrible stories resulting from the poor choice of drinks and food. As such, you have a billion reasons to hire a bartender for events (Weddings, birthdays, bachelorette parties). Working with a reputable restaurant will help you avoid such misfortunes as the one you are about to see.

The Greatest Bartending Horror stories in history
The first case came to light on 23 May 1981 featuring a “Wholesale poisoning at a wedding feast”. As more than 60 guests set the stage for a one-time feast, everything seemed perfectly normal until the unimaginable happened. As horrible as it sounds, only 20 out of the 60 guests lived to see another day. Sadly, the previously delightful wedding later turned into a would-be deathbed for the 40 unsuspecting guests.

Even in the recent past, a dream wedding in the Turkish sun turned into a moody atmosphere of disgust. On the D-day, almost all the guests bolted to the washrooms after consuming poisoned drinks. As everybody scrambled for the limited toilet spaces available, you would not even want to imagine what happened. As if not enough, the disaster followed the couple to their honeymoon where swimming was banned since people were “defecating in the pool.”

Save yourself the embarrassment; hire a bartender
A close follow-up of the two cases pointed to “bad catering” as the primary contributing factor to the horrendous ordeals. Evidently, the only solution and remedy to such occurrences in future is to hire a bartender instead of letting crooks ruin your day.

Expert drink-handling services
Bartending, just like any other profession, is subject to professionalism and expertise. Restaurants comprise of a team of highly qualified personnel- both chefs and concierges. On the same note, this collection of experts specializes in a variety of drinks, their particulars, and preparations. As such, the probability of your event being foiled due to cases of food poisoning, for instance, is null. That way, your good name, and reputation remains intact even after the event.