Make your drinks taste even better, with hand crafted cocktails uniquely created for any occasion.

Mint Bartending Specialty Cocktails

In addition to the popular cocktails found at every bar, we have carefully designed unique cocktails that create a perfect blend of fresh fruit flavors using top quality ingredients and creative homemade mixes; bringing the art of mixology to your event. Perfect to make any occasion a special one.

The Most Requested Drinks

Vodka Cranberry Margarita  Amaretto Sour
Vodka & Club Soda Jack & Coke Tequila Sunrise
Sex on the Beach Whiskey Sour Bay Breeze
Screw Driver Gin & Club Soda Greyhound
Madras Gin & Tonic Bloody Mary
Fuzzy Naval Sour Apple Martini  Martini
Dirty Martini Cosmopolitan Irish Car Bomb
Rum & Coke Long Island Ice Tea Jager Bomb

What’s behind the bar?

Liquor Mixer Garnishes
Vodka Sweet & Sour Mix Limes
Gin Cranberry Juice Lemons
Rum Orange Juice Cherries
Tequila Grapefruit Juice Olives
Scotch/Whiskey Pineapple Juice Oranges
Brandy Lime Juice Jalapeno
Triple Sec Cream (Milk) Cucumber
Peach Schnapps Cola / Diet Cola Mint
Sweet Vermouth 7 UP Raspberry
Grenadine Soda Water Strawberry
White Wine Tonic Water
Red Wine Bloody Mary Mix