We offer different packages for different occasions. Check out our Wedding and Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Each bar package offers different options to fit different needs. Below, you can see the different bar packages we offer; once you have selected a bar package you can email us to make a reservation.

Mint Bartending’s Basic Standard Package comes with a Portable Bar, Bar Accessories (napkins, straws, etc),  1-2 Ice Tubs, Basic Garnish (lime, Lemon, Oranges), Shopping List and a Drink Menu (2-3 hand-crafted cocktails). We come in an hour early for set up, and breakdown after the event for FREE.

Mint Bartending’s Premier package provides the entire Beverages, Mixers, Garnishes & Accessories (BMGA) along with the standard package. The only thing you will be providing is Alcohol, Ice & water. For the BMGA Package, we do charge $4.00 per guest. This option will alleviate a lot of stress and you do not have to worry about the shopping or under/over purchasing.

For those that are too busy and can’t do the shopping for themselves we can buy everything for you. We will come up with a specific order for your event and all we charge is a 25-30% markup fee to the total of the shopping. At the end of the event you get to keep the alcohol.


  • FREE Consultation
  • 45 min to 1-hour Setup
  • 1/2 hour Breakdown
  • Customized Drink Menu
  • Basic Garnish (lemon, lime, orange, olives)
  • Shopping List (we will come up with a budget)
  • 1 Portable Bar equipped with 1-2 Ice Tubs
  • Bar Accessories (napkins, straws, etc)

Just another reason to choose Mint Bartending for your special event.


Here you can see the differences between our 3 BAR PACKAGES

Standard Premium Concierge
Complimentary Basics Complimentary Basics Complimentary Basics
Private Mixologist/Bartender Private Mixologist/Bartender Private Mixologist/Bartender
Cocktail Menu Hand Crafted Cocktail Menu Hand Crafted Cocktail Menu
Premium Garnish Premium Garnish Premium Garnish
Mixers & Juices Mixers & Juices Mixers & Juices
Glassware Glassware Glassware
Soft Drinks Soft Drinks Soft Drinks
Ice, Water, and Alcohol Ice, Water, and Alcohol Ice, Water, and Alcohol
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Note on GRATUITY: 

Depending on the event and guests, we may add AUTOMATIC GRATUITY to the total. If you have more than 65 guests you will get an option of either getting host gratuity or guest gratuity. If the host do not want us to display a tip jar, we will add a service charge to the total cost.

Host Gratuity:
This option permits a tip jar on the bar.
Guest Gratuity:
There will be no tip jar on the bar; the host must pay a minimum of $2.50- $3 per guest.

Note on PRICE:  

Pricing will be determined by the number of guests, duration of event, type of event, special staffing requests, and specific venue requirements.